Dr Brauer is amazing. He knows his meds and he is such a kind and helpful man. Has a great sense of humor and I love his office staff.

- Kim M

Dr. Brauer of Total Care Medical is by far the best psychiatrist around. He is intelligent, very knowledgeable about current trends in meds, compassionate, and friendly. He remembers things you have said months ago, does not treat you like a "number" as some doctors do, and I believe genuinely cares about his patients well being. He will NOT over prescribe meds and is also knowledgeable about supplements. He also has a sense of humor!  I feel very fortunate to have him as a doctor....

- Mike D.

What an incredible Doctor!!!! When I went to see Dr Brauer, I had no idea what was wrong  with me. He diagnosed OCD. He told me I would be fine , that it was definitely treatable, and that I was not alone, and that many people suffer from this.  He made me feel like I was not alone.  Total compassion and understanding!

- Linda M.

I have been seeing Dr. Brauer for over 25 years.  I will never forget during my first visit, when describing my emotional discomfort, his response of "You don't have to feel that way."  It was the first time I realized that my feelings of sadness were, indeed, treatable and that I had found a partner in my recovery.  I truly love and respect Alan and have the utmost respect for his clinical care/judgment.  I'm lucky to have found him. Dr Brauer knows his stuff, He is compassionate with those who are honestly hurting or just need support. Being a smaller practice means he can actually know you as a person not a file number.  Highly recommend.

- Anna G

Dr. Brauer and his staff are the best! I have been seeing him for many years he is the most professional, knowledgeable and supportive doctor I have ever had. I highly recommend him and have sent many friends to his practice!

- Kelley R

The receptionist i first contacted was phenomenal. She was compassionate and would do what she could to make sure I got seen with my state of emergency. When she said she could get me in within the next few days, I was so relieved that I was going to be treated within the same month. Since then I have been coming consistently to this place (for a year now) and whenever I have needed a prescription or medical records faxed, or even Disability claims filled, they took care of it. I lost my prescription once and the receptionist (though obviously busy at work) went out of her way to get Dr. Brauer to rewrite it for me.  Considering that nobody else was able to help me in my crisis last year, the receptionists were nothing short of godsends.

Now regarding Dr. Alan Brauer. He only sees me once a month, but he remembers what we talked about from visit to visit, encourages me to be well in a constructive and playful way.  He even remembers my girlfriends name despite having hundreds of other clients.  I can tell he is concerned when I give him bad news and is relieved when I give him good.  He is hands down the best psychiatrist I have seen over the many years I've been searching.  I'm really glad he was able to take me on as a new patient. I am certain I have better health now since I've switched to him.   Dr. Brauer is a fantastic doctor.  I hardly write reviews unless I feel strongly about a place. Dr. Brauer's place has worked wonders for me.

- A Thomas T

Dr. Alan Brauer is the finest psychiatrist with whom I work.  I have been practicing psychotherapy for 20 years.  Dr. Brauer is clearly the best at finding the optimal combination of medication for each individual.  Dr. Brauer gets results.  He also cares about each patient he treats.  He makes my job as a counselor much easier, because he is so effective.  He gets my highest recommendation without any reservation.

- Daniel D

I have known Dr. Brauer for few good years, and used his services as well as referring acquaintances and relatives.

Dr. Brauer and his office staff were always professional and courteous.

Dr. Brauer is a unique psychiatrist, one who does not just prescribe medication, but always treats the client from a holistic stance, and will always make sure that patient best interest is being in the center of the treatment.

- Gil S

It took me quite some time to find the right psychiatrist, but eventually I did. One of the many things that I like about Dr. Brauer is that he's not a drug-pusher. He doesn't recommend a pill for every emotion;  if you try to ask for something to get 'rid' of a problem he will give you words of wisdom before he gives you words in a bottle. If you're looking for a doctor to just prescribe you meds then Dr. Brauer isn't your Doc... If you're looking for someone who always has your best interest close at heart, then I definitely (with a sound mind, thanks to him) recommend Dr. Brauer... But remember, with any doctor, the key to getting the treatment that you need is good communication... There is a difference between stress and anxiety, and between depression and sadness... You have to communicate...

- Billy J

I have seen Dr. Brauer a few times now and have had very positive experiences each time. He is clearly very professional, personable, trust worthy, respectful, and knowledgeable. I get the feeling he loves what he does. His receptionist is also very friendly and helpful.

- A R

I am a long-time patient under Dr. Brauer's care If you are interested in real, no-nonsense care delivered by a knowledgeable and insightful doctor and want to get better, Brauer's your man.   Dr. Brauer's expertise in substance abuse and addiction has helped my family tremendously.  He has been absolutely spot-on with his diagnoses, unwavering in his approach and the first to congratulate you when you ACTUALLY reach a milestone.  Again, Dr. Brauer wants real and honest progress and success from his patients. 

I miss Gina, Donna and the Doc as my family had to switch to another health care provider, but will forever be grateful to them for their help.

If you are in a bad place and genuinely want to get have someone work with you to set a game-plan and then work with you to achieve it, do yourself a favor and call.

- Dean W

 I have been treated by Dr. Brauer since 2009, when I relocated to the Bay Area. I can say, without hesitation, that his care has been the most thorough, appropriate, and helpful of any health practitioner I have seen in the area, which is why I have paid out-of-pocket to see him the past two years, and is a major reason why I am switching now to an insurance company that will cover my visits with him. I have a few chronic conditions and not one doctor I have seen (and I have seen many!) have approached me as a whole human being, as opposed to a list of symptoms... except Dr. Brauer. He has several board certifications and is open to many approaches to treatment, which makes him rare in a health care system that rewards specialization and tunnel vision. He is willing to coordinate care with my other physicians to ensure that all my treatments work well together. And he is also extremely well-read when it comes to the latest medical research; he has gone above and beyond to explore the chronic conditions I have outside of my psychiatric condition in order to recommend the most personalized and tailored treatment for me. If all of my doctors were this thorough and concerned about helping me to be as well as I can be, I'm confident I would be healthy enough to be off disability. Instead, my mental health is managed well and my physical conditions, not so much.

To speak to the office staff, let me first say that I have worked in the medical field so perhaps I have a different understanding of their role. When it comes to protecting a patient's privacy, I want this office staff looking out for me. Sure, it requires that patients fill out detailed paperwork to be HIPAA compliant, but I would rather that these seemingly-tedious procedures be in place than to have an office staff that just hands out my personal information to anyone who calls to request it. Same goes for making appointments and billing and tracking medications -- they are thorough and they have their procedures, which keeps them compliant and efficient. Jeanna, for instance, has gone out of her way to get samples of a medication for me when my insurance was making it difficult to get, and made sure that I got it in time not to have a lapse. I know she is busy, and I have no idea how she was able to coordinate this for me, and she certainly didn't have to. The point is, she did. Because she cares. If you want a medical practice where the doctor and staff show they care by giving you comprehensive treatment options, protecting your privacy, and not sugar-coating things, this is an excellent place and I recommend it. 

- M K

I have been seeing Dr. Brauer and he is a very very nice doctor. He really cares about his patients. His fee is amazingly low. He is enjoyable to talk to, smart enough to follow what you are saying. Once I got sick and had to use crutches and have difficulty moving around, he helped me to get 2 months of prescription instead of 1 month so that I did not have to drag myself around to come back for refills. I honestly think that he is a nice human being and doing what he has been doing to help people not just for money.

- S W

 I do not have any huge problems (sleep, attention) but have been a long-time patient and absolutely would recommend this place (staff and all) to anyone.
- If you want a doctor that gets his job done, cares (yes, he does actually care, I promise), and leaves out the fluff, go here.

The staff do their job well and they are friendly..  Even after I moved up to the City I could not find a suitable doctor (Google them, it’s true).  It is worth my time and energy to visit Dr. Brauer down in Palo Alto once a month.  Even after he takes his vacations he works additional late hours so that his patients can get in without waiting too long.  This speaks to his "caring" nature.   I stand by this guy 100%.

- Kathleen P

Dr Brauer is a great doctor. He knows his stuff. I'm fortunate that since I've been to him I've not had really critical issues. I respect his judgement on medical advice he has given me, and I will continue to go to him as long as I can.

- Beverly N.

Dr. Brauer is nice, very intelligent, & smart. I did buy some vitamins from him, but only after requesting them myself, as I had heard about them, and he didn't push me to buy anything else. He also seems very astute at diagnosing the root cause of mental disorders/depression.

- n b

I personally love this place. I have bad anxiety, and ever since i have come here my condition has gotten better. Dr Brauer is an amazing man, with good insight, and he is very well educated. The staff is very pleasant. I even had a very bad issue with my insurance carrier and the Dr. Brauer’s team helped me all the way through. Very happy with them.

- Howard S

Dr. Brauer at Total Care Medical Center in Palo Alto is a rare find. 
Very perceptive and caring person.  Very positive experience and great place for healing.
Great environment.

- John K

I have been seeing Dr Brauer for the past ten years. He has worked with me and my Bi-Polar illness. He has always there when I needed any help. I cannot say enough good about him. I trust him and his insight and knowledge of my illness.

- Carl B

Dr. Brauer is the best.  I've been seeing him for many years.  He's been pivotal to my continued 18 plus years of sobriety and key in helping me continue to recover from what is a truly deadly disease.  For me (and my family), that's beyond priceless. Dr. Brauer and his staff, Donna and Gina, feel like family.  These are professionals who really care about their patients.  Am incredibly grateful to them and always will be.

- Audrey M

I recently moved to Austin, but I used to live in Palo Alto. I saw Dr. Brauer for about a year. During that time, Dr. Brauer listened to my concerns and my issues, and worked with me to find the medication I needed. I, like a lot of people with mental health issues, am not the most organized person. When I screwed up on refilling a prescription, I could call Total Care and both Dr. Brauer and his staff would work with me to find whatever way they could to make sure I didn't experience withdrawal. Any person who's been on anti-depressants knows how much this means. They were understanding and actually cared about me a patient and a person.

Dr. Brauer is caring, funny, and smart as hell. His staff are friendly and helpful. I owe them a lot--I can say now with my medication that I am a happy person. That's not a small thing.

It's really hard to find a good psychiatrist. It can take years, and  I have friends who have given up on medication or mental healthcare in general because months of evil insurance companies and uncaring or unhelpful psychiatrists. To anyone here considering getting help or just looking for a new psychiatrist, I highly recommend this  guy.

- Tim L

I have been seeing Dr. Brauer for about 10 years now. He has been wonderful and supportive. I have always had a good experience with him - as others have noted, he remembers details about me from previous visits and I only see him once every three months.

I never feel rushed when I am in his office and talking with him. He takes the time to really ask about how I'm doing and to make sure my medications are doing their jobs. I appreciated that he has been willing to change doses and medications as needed.

The receptionists have always treated me very well. They are polite, hard-working, always friendly and courteous. They have been very helpful on those occasions when I have had to reschedule. This is an excellent practice and I can't say enough good things about both Dr. Brauer and his staff.

- V. O.

Dr. Brauer has really helped me get back on my feet with regards to my mental health. I am bipolar and so I was adamant about finding a physician that understood the ins and outs of this disorder. Dr. Brauer made it so easy to talk to and to discuss medication with in terms of what is working and what isn't. He really listens and takes your opinions seriously. He is also someone that I trust talking about anything with and can be pretty funny. He really listened when I talked about being depressed or when I felt like I was too heavily medicated. I would recommend him to a friend in a heart beat. If you want someone that knows medicine incredibly well and that is a compassionate and understanding and someone that will share in your heartaches and successes, I suggest going to see him!

- Lexi G

Dr. Brauer is very professional and helpful.  He listens, takes notes and remembers what is happening in your life month to month, unlike my therapist who doesn't remember anything from week to week and likes to talk about himself.  I would recommend Dr. Brauer to any friends or family members

- Yvonne M

Dr. Brauer and his staff are professional courteous, and most importantly in the past year and a half that I have been their patient, have helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I have looked forward to his visits as a safe space where I can be myself and as a relief from the difficulties of life. I first started visiting Dr. Brauer on the recommendation of a friend and I would highly recommend his office to anyone in need of psychiatric help.

- Hossein S

As a medical professional, I can say Dr. B is one of the few doctors who really "gets it" and who provides compassionate care.  Highly recommended.

- Doctor E

I was a patient of Doctor Brauer for over ten years. I only quit because I had to move out of the area. My experience with Dr. Brauer was all positive, I always felt like he was doing he best to listen to me and to react with the correct treatment. I now live in Nevada County and would give my right arm to have a competent psychiatrist like Dr. Brauer in the area.

- Steven A

He really thinks about what he's prescribing to his patients, and he cares a lot.  One time my family member tagged along and he answered all the questions and concerns clearly and took additional time helping even though he didn't have to.  Overall, I am very happy with the quality of care.

- M R

I was a patient of Dr. Brauer for many years before I relocated to Florida.  He really helped me with my depression and worked to fine tune my medication.  He really seemed to take an interest in my well being and overall mental health.  I recommend Dr. Brauer for anyone who is suffering from any type of depression.  He did wonders for me and I am so thankful that I can function normally again.

- Doug T

I've been seeing Doctor Brauer since 1995 for help with concerns about the latest preventive measures for optimal health and wellness. I have always found him to be well informed and helpful. Unlike most other doctors, if I bring him some new research he hasn't already seen, he has always been open minded, and glad to give new approaches a try. I strongly recommend Doctor Brauer to anyone with health concerns who is tired of doctors with the attitude that if it wasn't taught in medical school then it must be worthless.

- Jay T

Having been a patient of Dr. B's for years, I find him a sensitive and caring doctor who really understands psycho-pharmaceutical drugs and the benefits of nutritional supplements. He also has a great sense of humor. His staff members have always been extremely pleasant to me, and I have a thoroughly positive view of the doctor and the folks in his office. 

- Jane M

I was a patient of Dr.  Brauer for a few years.  I appreciated Dr.  Brauer's medical expertise and his ability to recall some of my personal and medical issues with each visit.  As a patient I look for doctors who listen and who don't try to push medications.  Dr.  Brauer is a good listener and takes his time to figure out the best treatment options.  I would absolutely recommend his office.

- Jocelyn N

I had first seen Dr Brauer in the mid 80's where I was finally diagnosed with Panic Disorder.  (This was after many seeing many doctors, lots of tests- heart monitors, etc.).  It was such a relief to know what was wrong with me. Now that my kids are grown- I found myself back in the Anxiety/Panic mode with no outlet and decided to go back to Dr. Brauer.  For the first time in years- I finally feel normal again.  The staff has always been helpful, understanding & polite.   Dr. Brauer is always understanding- never makes me feel silly or rushed.  If I have question or an odd issue (I'm a weird-o!) he always discusses it with me- even if it's something he's never heard of. I always leave feeling better and like I matter.  This place has been a mental lifesaver for ME!!!  Thank you Dr. Brauer AND staff!!!!

- Kim R

I have been a long time patient of Dr. Brauer. Staff is unusually patient & helpful and gets back to you promptly. They really try & go to bat for you with the insurance companies. & they always have been willing to fit me in for urgent problems, even staying late. 

As for Dr. B. himself, he has always been wonderful & caring to me. He listens & has given good advice, & I really trust him. I have been to lots of psychiatrists in my life for complicated Bipolar Disorder, & he is the best. He is extremely knowledgeable about seemingly every kind of medication & combination, but he doesn't push prescribing. He's pretty conservative about doses & tries to give the least amounts. Actually, he prefers to work holistically, with vitamins & natural substances when possible. There were some special hormone & nutritional tests which seemed useful. I thank Dr. Brauer for keeping me stable & out of the hospital for 7 years, the longest ever!

- Victor K

Dr. Brauer is awesome. He actually cares about his patients, and remembers the little details about them. I really can't say how much I like seeing him. the office staff is also really great.

- Sonia E

I have been seeing Doctor Brauer for about two years. He isn't just a psychiatrist, he is also a substance abuse counselor.

He is strict about medications, especially controlled prescriptions for substance abusers. He will not refill unless he sees you in person. As for the office staff, Donna and Gina, take great care and consideration for their patients. 

- Mike R

Dr. Brauer is a great doctor and is very highly respected and recommended by his peers and  his patients.    He has helped me and my family so much.  As well as many many other patients.  His fees are very reasonable compared to other psychiatrists I checked. Also most Dr's charge a full fee for missed appointments and Dr Brauer does not.

- Jalkdif N