Alcohol Abuse & Substance Abuse

Dr. Brauer is experienced in managing the emotional and physical problems associated with substance and alcohol abuse. Sometimes people seek help because uncomfortable or worrisome situations or symptoms develop. Or it may be that family, job, or the legal system is exerting pressure. Several new medications for reducing urges to drink and decrease the alcohol “high” are frequently prescribed. For opiate addictions, the new Suboxone-bupronex medication program is available. Dr. Brauer is one of the few physicians in the Bay Area authorized to prescribe this effective, new treatment of opiate dependence problems.

Electro-sleep therapy is a new electronic method for increasing endorphins – the body’s natural mood elevator and painkiller. Using almost undetectable electrical currents delivered through an external connection at the earlobes, electro-sleep therapy stimulates the brain to improve both physical and emotional symptoms. This therapy comfortably and safely helps to substitute for addictive substances.

“Quit Now Forever” Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation programs are medically supervised and include hypnosis, biofeedback, behavior modification, thought control training, and optional acupuncture. Chantix, a new highly effective medication is available. Also, Zyban, a new ultra-potent nasal spray and other medications may be prescribed.

Unlike most other programs, we carefully monitor physical changes during the program. New, simple-to-use technology allows us to instantly measure smoking-related poisons in your body so that we can monitor your progress in reducing or quitting smoking. Lung function testing is periodically performed to determine improvements in the health of your lungs.